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at the Car wash


  • First Light

    First Light

  • Morning Ether

    Morning Ether

  • Art in the Car Wash

    Car Wash Art

  • Moana Amenities

    Moana Amenities

'The Best Camera Is The One That's With You' is not just a great App from Chase Jarvis, a well known visionary photographer, director, and social artist, but the philosophy of capturing images in a fleeting moment or in the oddest spots or occasions, fits perfectly with my own view on life and all things photographic.

The airplane flight, at the airport, local café or sunset over the beach, who wants to lug a huge camera and lenses to do, what a smartphone is very capable of and most times a whole lot more fun.
Remember...get the best you can from.....

  • Moana


  • Airport Art

    Airport Art

  • Turkish Pots

    Turkish Pots

  • Christies Beach

    Christies Beach

  • Noarlunga Jetty

    Noarlunga Jetty

  • Noarlunga Jetty

    Noarlunga Jetty

  • Deep Blue Café  Moana

    Deep Blue Café Moana

  • Deep Blue Café  Moana

    Deep Blue Café Moana

  • The Lagoon, Cairns

    The Lagoon, Cairns

  • What a Magnificent Cock!

    What a Magnificent Cock!

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